A personal recount of becoming popular

For me, that decision was booking a one-way ticket to New York City in May of This idea immediately caught my attention and with the benefit of a USA passport thanks, Dad! I was quite scared of the unknown but I was ready to take control over my life and find the best version of myself.

A personal recount of becoming popular

It is just a tradition, not a neccesity. The oath has been given by someone other than the Chief Justice 8 times, most recently in when Lyndon Johnson was given the oath by a local judge in Dallas aboard Air Force One after the assassination of John Kennedy.

Currently, that means at least votes are needed to win - a majority of the total of votes. But there are electoral votes! The District of Columbia does not have full official representation in Congress. The official members of the House and the Senators all represent the various 50 states.

A personal recount of becoming popular

The other 3 votes come from the The 23rd Amendment to the Constitution which states that DC is allowed to appoint electors to the Electoral College. The number they are allowed is equal to the "number of Senators and Representatives in Congress to which the District would be entitled if it were a State", but no more than "than the least populous State".

Since several states only have 3 votes, DC can have no more than 3 votes even if their population would normally warrant more. BTW - The District of Columbia does have one non-voting member in the House, but this person is not a full-fledged Representative, and is in fact not even called a Representative - they are called the DC Delegate.


Back then whoever got a majority of the electoral votes won and whoever came in second became vice president. When Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr ran together as running mates, they apparently forgot to factor in that they would probably get the same number of votes running as a team!

Burr, who was supposed to be the VP candidate decided he might win the presidency and fought for it in the House election. It took the Representatives 36 ballots over 6 days to finally declare Jefferson the winner.

This election led to the ratifiacation of the 12th Amendment which changed the electoral process to the one we use today. But you asked "Why can't the votes be split in case of a close race"? The answer is they can be! The Constitution allows each state legislature to decide how to allocate their electoral votes.

If Idaho or California wanted to, they could simply pass a law that says they will split their electoral votes according to the percentage of votes won by each candidate!

In fact two states already do something similar. In Maine and Nebraska, the candidate who wins the state gets only 2 electoral votes.

The rest of the votes are allocated based on which candidates wins in each Congressional district! When candidates file with the state election officials, do they not have to indicate who their electors are?

If so, why can I not see the lists of 21 people whom I am actually electing when I cast a vote for President?The importance of awareness, reading body language and knowing what is going on around you at all times is well illustrated in a true story I recently read in a reputable publication.

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A personal recount of becoming popular
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