An analysis of the entire world experiencing a great deal of change

The Science of Abrupt Climate Change: Should we be worried?

An analysis of the entire world experiencing a great deal of change

We stand at the Abyss, at the steadily approaching threshold of unimaginable chaos, calamity, death and destruction. But there exists a lasting solution to these issues facing humankind.

An analysis of the entire world experiencing a great deal of change

This chapter is about the problems that we, together as the human race, face in present times. It concerns some of the ominous circumstances of the current age that threaten not only the well being of collective humanity but also, perhaps, the very Environmental and Ecological systems that support life on Earth as we know it today.

A lighthearted look at the effect of climate change on the world’s oceans and the heat capacity of water. Article: Warming ocean causing most Antarctic ice shelf mass loss Ocean waters melting the undersides of Antarctic ice shelves are responsible for most of the continent's ice shelf mass loss, a new study by NASA and university researchers has found. It would change the world as we know it.” it would mean that the moon is experiencing a net force toward the Earth: not only is it advancing, but it is accelerating.” if you could bring that out just a little bit more, that would be great.’ The entire orchestra erupted in laughter; I . About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research.

So what are these most significant problems of the World? I find it useful to group these very major issues into four broad categories.

The first category relate to the Environmental and Ecological problems of the World. Which includes issues relating to ecological destruction, resource depletion and atmospheric change, i. I also included in this category the problem of over population which exacerbates these environmental issues though this might equally well be considered as a Social and Political problem.

The second category relates to the Problems in the Social, Economic and Political Spheres of human activity. We live in a World partly characterized, unfortunately, by corruption, oppression, exploitation, conspiracy and injustice.

And a world riddled with division, conflict, terrorism and mutual distrust. The third category concerns the spiritual problems of present times. This relates to the issues surrounding the process of Secularization and the reaction of Religion in the face of the rise of Scientific Rationalism, i.

The fourth and final category concerns the problems of the age relating to the realm of ideas.

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That is the problems and puzzles which vex Scientists, Philosophers and Theologians. At first it may seem a little incongruous to consider these more academic problems in the same discussion as some of the more apparent issues mentioned earlier i.

Towards the latter part of this Chapter I show how ideas, and one idea especially, have the power to potential produce a lasting solution to the problems of this World. So we shall now examine each of these problem categories in more detail.

A Planet in Peril It is generally acknowledged that in the World today there are potentially calamitous problems relating to environmental destruction, resource depletion, global warming and over population.

The natural resources of this planet, its forests, fisheries and crop lands are already being used at such a rate that is unsustainable.

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We are already using the planets renewable resources faster than what the planet can replenish. This trend is related to the ongoing and accelerating process of species extinction and the destruction of natural habitats such as the tropical rainforests, whole ocean ecosystems, rivers and coastal wetlands.

This gradual destruction of the earths biosphere, its animal and plant species together with their complex webs of self sustenance, is certainly set to continue as human population growth and increased economic activity imposes more pressures on the planetary ecosystem.

The worlds population at an estimated 7 billion people today, is projected to grow to over 10 billion people as early as This is coupled with massive growth in economic activity lead by the surging economies of China and India and further boosted by economic growth in the rest of the World as well.

If the Planet is already struggling to cope with the demands placed upon it by the human race currently, when we also factor in these other considerations, then certainly we are heading for some interesting times.Ocean and lake sediment data from places such as California, Venezuela, and Antarctica have confirmed that these sudden climate changes affected not just Greenland, but the entire world.

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How to Change the World. An overview of the ocean’s role in climate change and how it stores and releases heat from the atmosphere. Video: Oceans of climate change A lighthearted look at the effect of climate change on the world’s oceans and the heat capacity of water.

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An analysis of the entire world experiencing a great deal of change
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