Atlantic corporation case solution

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Atlantic corporation case solution

Each team will be composed of three or four members. A team leader will be selected at random.


A leader can resign, if another student can be found to take over leadership for that team without interference of the professor. The team leader will choose the other two or three members of the team. The team members will then be given one corporation from a selected industry for analysis.

Teams may exchange their corporations before leaving class. The audit risk case involves the investigating a potential audit client and preparation of an audit risk memorandum.

The audit risk case extends the second standard of field work in the study of the client and its environment in the preliminary stage of the audit to assess areas of potential audit risk. For additional discussion of the reasons for an audit risk assessment see Chapters 5 and 6, with appendices, of your textbook.

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You should also consult AU Sections,and Your memorandum will be composed of four parts and 3 appendices, beginning with a discussion of your understanding of your corporation's business and industry, including the answers to "who, what, where, when, why, and how" in the business analysis.

You will continue with your assessment of accounting practices and the significant accounts with their inherent risks of material misstatement of management's assertions, in your accounting analysis.

You will then perform preliminary analytical procedures on your corporation's financial statements and do a comparison to industry standards in your financial analysis.

You will conclude with your assessment of potential material misstatement of management's assertions, whether due to the possibility of error or fraud, in view of the understanding you have developed.

A single memo is required, which gives your rationale for your conclusions from your insights in the four interrelated areas: The memo should include separate sections for each of the four interrelated parts, and the three appendices. Analyses from the first three parts-business, accounting, and financial-are required to provide a proper basis for misstatement risk assessment in the fourth section.

Thus, the final part on misstatement risk will discuss clearly and succinctly the linkages between your three analyses and your assessment of the potential for material misstatement of management's assertions.

The most important element of your memo will be your supporting rationale for why you think that some management assertions will require more attention in the audit.

Your rationale should be derived from your discussions in the business, accounting and financial analyses. Identification of the linkages between your assertion risk assessment and your integrated business understanding should help you develop your rationale.

Atlantic corporation case solution

The business analysis section of your memo should present the results of your evaluation of your corporation's industry and how it operates in the competitive environment.

You will be answering questions pertaining to the factors on how the company operates within its industry and environment to create value for shareholders.Essay on Virgin Atlantic Case.

Case: Virgin Atlantic Airlines B Marketing Strategy Purpose of the report “Overview” From Virgin Atlantic Airlines (henceforth “Virgin”) emerged as a successful competitor in the airline industry by providing high quality service at reasonable prices.

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Atlantic corporation case solution

FIRE Graded Case Assignment – Mid-Atlantic Container Corporation points Due December 14, at pm 1) Assess the current financial health and recent financial performance of .

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