Business statistics and operation research question papers

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Business statistics and operation research question papers

We tend to be more technical oriented and focused on the future, while they tend to focus on other areas registration databases, market share data. Some comments concerning the quality of data available. Top level data full U. Much of it is aggregated from state registration data and each state counts things a bit different.

Segment data bass boats, houseboats, pontoons, ft. Outside the United States, Canada probably leads the rest of the world in data quality and availability, but they are quite a ways behind the U. Reporting in many other countries is dismal, making segmentation, other than megayachts very difficult in many regions of the world.

In almost all cases, the larger the boats you are looking for, the more reliable the statistics. Overview of the Industry A few sources overview the entire industry. Boating Industry Market Data Book an annual provides a great overview of many segments of the industry.

Business statistics and operation research question papers

You can read more about it Business statistics and operation research question papers section below. Boat Building and Repairing Industry: Boat Production and Boat Population Statistics An attempt has been made to list the resources below in the order you might find them most helpful in rapidly gaining a statistical understanding of the boating industry.

The free or nearly freemost widely available resources with good general overviews are listed first, followed by resources that may prove more difficult or costly to access.

An Overview - written by us, this page identifies stern drive manufacturers, provides current and historical market share data.

If you are interested in the stern drive and inboard engine market, be sure to review the materials we link to from EPA's OAR docket in the OAR section of this page.

In addition to the statistics provided online, they sell several more in-depth reports. Boating Industry magazine annual statistical review. This review provides a great overview of the industry and it is free yes you have to buy the magazine, but studies like this often cost thousands of dollars.

It pulls information from the various sources available and does an excellent job of graphically presenting the data. The resulting 10 to 15 pages of information are easy to understand and completely cover the industry.

If you can only come up with one report of the industry, you need this one. Contact BI for information on how to obtain a copy. You might be able to find a copy of the annual industry review issue in a major library near the ocean or Great Lakes heavy boating areas. Issue dates of the recent reviews include: This is a much more indepth study than those in the past and provides a great overview of many segments of the industry.

It is somewhat similar to BII's review above, but the two complement each other in several areas each one has some statistics the other one leaves out. Statistics from this publication were briefly reviewed in Soundings Trade Only in their Jan edition on page Info-Link publishes a Bellwether Report showing sales trends from year to year for several boat categories.

Outboard Motors from Japan - page report released on in February on the Yamaha - Mercury outboard dumping case by the U. Several documents referenced by the report contained the data now blacked out when they were first posted online by the USITC.

We have copies of the original documents.

Boat Manufacturers Statistics

Older copies are titled, Manufacturing USA. It provides extensive statistics for hundreds on industries. It also identifies a number of companies in each industry, has data on the inputs materials consumed and the geographical distribution of the industry. This is where the marine engines are.

It also provides some ratio information for the industry such as the number of employees per establishment, payroll per employee, hours per production worker, shipments per employee, investment per employee, and investment per Production Worker.

This publication is available in the business section of most major libraries. Oklahoma State Library call Until recently, the U. Census published manufacturing statistical data on marine engines not including outboards as part of their MA33L Internal Combustion Engines report.

International Trade Administration has been printing the U. This excellent report is in process of being moved online.- The publishers sell the work back to my University for a lot of money. In fact, just a few days ago I published a paper and had to ask on Facebook for people to send me the full text because I.

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