Corpus christi college history essay competition

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Corpus christi college history essay competition

Hoffman's theory[ edit ] Hoffman was not the first to argue that someone other than William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon wrote the plays attributed to him, nor was he even the first to suggest Marlowe as the main candidate.

In fact three people— Wilbur G.

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Zeigler in[3] Henry Watterson in[4] and Archie Webster in[5] had beaten him to it, but he denied having known about any earlier proponent for the first twelve years of his research into the subject, [6] and he certainly achieved far more than any of them to bring it to the attention of a wider public.

In an Elizabethan painting in a very poor condition was found at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, where Marlowe had studied, and it was Calvin Hoffman who first suggested that it was in fact a portrait of Marlowe himself. Although other images had been used or created for Marlowe before that, and the College still prefers it to be referred to as a "putative" or "apocryphal" portrait of him, this is the one which most people would nowadays associate with Marlowe.

He was allowed to open only the chest tomb surmounting the family vault, however, and found nothing but sand. Much later, however, inhe was allowed to drill through the floor of the church to peer into the tomb itself, but all that could be seen was a jumble of lead coffins, and nothing which looked like a box of papers.

Marlowe and Padua[ edit ] InHoffman was left some notes by a journalist friend of his concerning someone called Pietro Basconi who in had apparently nursed Christopher Marlowe when he was terminally ill in Padua, Italy.

Frank Haines and his wife Jean, but nothing was found to support the story. It was not until some three years later that Hoffman seems to have discovered that it originated in the editorial by Henry Watterson cited above, but it still isn't clear whether he understood that Watterson had invented this part of the story only jokingly, to illustrate how it might be proved.

The Hoffman Prize[ edit ] Anxious that the Marlovian theory should not die with him, Hoffman arranged in a deal with Marlowe's school, The King's School, Canterburythat in exchange for his leaving a large sum of money to them in his will they would administer an annual essay competition related to "the life and works of Christopher Marlowe and the authorship of the plays and poems now commonly attributed to William Shakespeare with particular regard to the possibility that Christopher Marlowe wrote some or all of those poems and plays or made some inspirational creative or compositional contributions towards the authorship of them.

Nobody has come anywhere near achieving the latter, and Hoffman's intentions for the essay have been reinterpreted nowadays as a prize for "a distinguished publication on Christopher Marlowe".

Corpus christi college history essay competition

Hoffman Memorial Prize was awarded, only four of the thirty prize-winning essays have actually espoused his theory.One of our friends in Oxford – Corpus Christi College – runs an annual competition for students keen on exploring their interests in science. The categories are Biochemistry, Chemistry and Materials Science, open to all students who intend to apply to university in or The Julia Wood Prize - History Essay Prize The Julia Wood Prize Established in , in memory of a St Hugh’s College alumna, the Julia Wood Prize is an annual History essay competition open to Sixth Form pupils who have not been in the Sixth Form of any school or college for a period of more than two years.

The Department of History Y12/L6 History Essay prize. The Department of History is proud to sponsor a Y12/L6 History essay prize competition. The competition is open to Year 12 or Lower Sixth students from schools and colleges anywhere in the UK (a maximum of two applicants per school/college .

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