Essay on detergent and water

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Essay on detergent and water

Ultra superconcentrated powder and liquid detergents Ultra fabric softeners Laundry and cleaning product refills Safety As consumer needs and lifestyles change, and as new manufacturing processes become available, the soap and detergent industry responds with new products.

A commitment to safety is a top priority from the time a company begins working on a new product and continues as long as the product is in the marketplace. Companies evaluate the safety of existing cleaning products by talking with consumers, reviewing scientific developments and monitoring product use data that may affect the safety assessment process.

To determine the safety of a cleaning product ingredient, industry scientists evaluate the toxicity of the ingredient. Toxicity is generally defined as any harmful effect of a chemical on a living organism like a human, an animal, a plant or a microorganism.

Since all chemicals, including water, are toxic under certain conditions of exposure, scientists must consider a number of factors affecting exposure.

These include the duration and frequency of exposure to the ingredient; the concentration of the ingredient at the time of exposure; and the route and manner in which the exposure occurs for example, eye, skin or ingestion.

This information is essential whether assessing the effect on humans, animals, plants or microorganisms.

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Because human safety and environmental evaluations consider different types of exposures, they are evaluated by different procedures. The principal steps in the assessment process are, however, the same. This safety evaluation process enables scientists to predict the potential risk, if any, associated with the use of the ingredient or product, and determine if it is safe for consumers and the environment.

Medical science has long confirmed the important relationship between cleanliness and health. The regular use of cleaning products is fundamental to the health of our society and the well-being of its people.

Because cleaning products are part of our everyday lives, it is essential that they not present a significant risk to health. In considering the human safety of an individual ingredient or product, toxicologists scientists who assess the safety of a chemical are concerned with the effects from two types of exposures: Unintended exposures can result from misuse, through improper storage or by accidental contact, such as when a liquid detergent is splashed in the eye.

Hazards from these types of exposures are evaluated from information obtained through acute short-term and chronic long-term tests and through a review of existing data.

Expected exposure routes are considered as part of this evaluation. Human safety evaluations begin with the specific ingredients and then move on to the whole product.

Essay on detergent and water

The effects for all ingredients are considered as the product is formulated. Toxicologists compare the expected exposure to the expected effect during both product manufacture and use. How will workers be exposed in the plant? What is the intended use of the product?We will write a custom essay sample on Soaps and Detergents specifically for you for only $ $/page.

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and that other test procedures are carried out to test the newly created soaps and detergents reactions to hard water. Each soap and detergent was tested using tap water, pound water, and even distilled water to test for soap scum or.

Plain water, if used for cleaning, is a detergent. Probably the most widely-used detergents other than water are soaps or mixtures composed chiefly of soaps. However, not all soaps have significant detergency and, although the words "detergent" and "soap" are sometimes used interchangeably, not every detergent is a soap.

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Essay on detergent and water

due to the flaws of water infrastructure. is the most widely used anionic surfactant in laundry detergent because it has minimal environmental impact . HOME Free Essays Water Quality and Contamination.

Water Quality and Contamination Essay. practices related to purification and sanitation” (Mishra, S., & Nandeshwar, S. ).I was very surprised that the detergent contaminated the water.

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Therefore, water itself is a detergent. This essay looks at soap and soapless (or synthetic) detergents. Both substances we use everyday and have a big market commercially, they effect everyone.

Soaps are made from natural products and soapless detergents are produced chemically, each having advantages and disadvantages.

Water Quality and Contamination