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Whether we judge on race, gender, or something as simple as age, judging not only causes anguish but can leave emotional scars people never recover from.

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My first phone was a Nokia, it was a pre-paid phone. Many people in our society has no idea about pre-paid, they only know about bundles, unlimited minutes, and Wi-Fi. Cell phones have changed our lives.

It has went from s, keyboards, totouch screens. In my life cell phones has changed how I live, and the society around us.

Inthe Nokia i came out Landmark. People thrived for this phone, it Essay through new, more advanced than other things. Unlike the rest of the people in the world thriving for a Nokia phone, my family did not care. We really were not about technology back then, we were about fun, adventurous things in nature and spending quality time with each other because my mom worked a lot.

We did not have hand held phones, we did not really much care. Then all of a sudden my family had phones. Finally, we got a cell phone. The cell phone made life seem simple, too simple for that time era. This was the beginning of the tech savvy family my family is today. The smartphones came out.

The smartphone was a device that let you Google stuff, and download games, called apps. This made people thrive even more, because the networks changed and made up so many new things.

Some of these apps were social media apps, like Snap chat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. People loved the new ideas of posting, tweeting, and everything else. These smartphones also were much more advanced than regular phones. When the iPhone came out it had iTunes. My household was shocked, my mother was all about this new technology.

Now, in the present day, I come home and get on my phone, iPad, iPad mini, and iPods. The cell phone is the tree, in this example, it grew branches.

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For example, people took a simple cell phone, made more features, shaped it differently, put more advanced stuff, and then made it more stuff that was not a cell phone. The history of cell phones is tremendous.The passage through the tunnel is an effort for one’s own identity and freedom.

Lessing has to go through the suffering of this identity but she took it as challenge like jerry.

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Passage through this identity tunnel was marked . There are many processes that you go through every day that you can write about. The real goal in this type of assignment is to show that you can write a well-organized essay. Read over the suggested topics below for a little inspiration.

This free Information Technology essay on Essay: The Evolution of Cell Phones through My Life is perfect for Information Technology students to use as an example. Through the Tunnel Essay In Doris Lessing’s short story Through the Tunnel, there is a boy that is visiting various settings throughout the journey he is.

The Common Application has announced that the personal essay writing prompts will be the same as the seven 2 "Through the Common App essay prompts, we want to give all applicants - regardless of background or access to counseling - the opportunity to share their voice with colleges.

Every applicant has a unique story. ¾ Two types of lens essays: Your expectations for the lens essay will differ depending on the complexity of the text you assign your students to examine through the lens.

You may choose to ask students to analyze a relatively straightforward piece of.

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