How to write a story on fanfiction naruto

And some ideas Someone or something to help you fix and Check your spelling and Grammar errors.

How to write a story on fanfiction naruto

Fiction K - English - Humor - Words: Have you ever wanted to write one? If you have, then you're in luck! We have looked at hundreds of fanfictions and have compiled the most often used tactics in Naruto fanfic writing!

Now, these tactics are here for your educational purposes! Naruto Fanfiction Writing Tip 1 Turn the characters into walking stereotypes. Is Naruto too complex for you? Then turn him into a daft blond who's always cheerful. Saasuke's emotional demons too complicated? Then reduce him to a jerk with a superiority complex.

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Why, she's a ditz, obviously. With this tactic, you don't have to show how deep the characters are Now, isn't that an amazing tip? Naruto Fanfiction Writing Tip 2 Be as pretentious as possible. First, start by writing a pretentious introduction. How do you do this, you ask?

Sadly, this is an art that can not be taught in a simple tutorial, and must be mastered on your own. People who do this well are often born with the ability.

Here's a humble hint though: No, they're just there for decoration. It doesn't hurt to take yourself seriously either. This isn't just a fanfiction to you Naruto Fanfiction Writing Tip 3 Don't write a coherent story at all.

how to write a story on fanfiction naruto

Why write a whole story when you can just write lines of dialog? Do you two have to fight all the time? And so on, and so on But you know, this method doesn't require any real writing ability Naruto Fanfiction Writing Tip 4 Create a super powerful original character.

Do you want to create an original character but just don't know how to make him or her seem realistic and human? Well, why should you have to? Make her super powerful! More powerful then most of the ninjas in the actual anime!

Throw in some cliched emotional baggage and you'll have fans eating out of your hand! Naruto Fanfiction Tip 5 Romance, romance, romance. Every one loves romance.If you're feeling hesitant about writing them, if you feel like you're being forced to because other stories do, if you feel like it's a requirement to write fanfiction, then please - don't!

If it doesn't add anything to the development of YOUR story, drop it. This Fanfiction contains stories about the characters of Naruto Shippuden and the situations in which they get tickled. This is an animated tv show, produced by the network Animax, TV Tokyo and based on the magna written by Masashi Kishimoto.

Kafaru's Guide to Writing Naruto Fan-Fiction. Chapter One: The Basics of Fiction. Let's talk Fan-Fiction. A fiction story that revolves around a popular series written by fans.

I however am here to talk about a certain series that has many Fanfics, Naruto. Naruto has got MANY fan-fictions from rates K to Mature.

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Hopefully, this guide will inspire Naruto fanfiction writers everywhere to write stories that make me feel a bit less like reaching for the brain bleach and a little more like turning the page to the next chapter. First, start by writing a pretentious introduction. "I wrote this fanfiction for the enjoyment of all my fans in the community, and as an example that mediocre fanfiction authors can strive to emulate." Then, write an equally pretentious summary that doesn't actually say anything about your story.

how to write a story on fanfiction naruto

This is a guide for writing Naruto fanfiction that I have written just for you. It contains. What to do and what to avoid. How to create a proper OC.

Tips for writing lemons and smuts. Suggestions if you need ideas or someone to pair up with your OC.

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