Labour welfare in tata steel

The pioneering philosophy of Tata goes beyond products and profits to trusteeship and labour welfare Empress Mills established in was the first to bring ring spindle technology to India.

Labour welfare in tata steel

Custom Search Monday, 31 January A few employers took the initiative in welfare measures for the betterment of their workers.

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Welfare includes anything that is done for the comfort and improvement of employees and is provided over and above the wages. Welfare helps in keeping the morale and motivation of the employees high so as to retain the employees for longer duration. Employee welfare includes monitoring of working conditions, creation of industrial harmony through infrastructure for health, industrial relations and insurance against Labour welfare in tata steel, accident and unemployment for the workers and their families.

To provide better life and health to the workers 2. To make the workers happy and satisfied 3. To relieve workers from industrial fatigue and to improve intellectual, cultural and material conditions of living of the workers. Welfare measures may be introduced by the employers, government, employees or by any social or charitable agency.

The purpose of providing such facilities is to make their work life better and also to raise their standard of living.

Labour welfare in tata steel

This makes workers to pay more attention towards work and thus increases their productivity. Workers take active interest in their jobs and work with a feeling of involvement and participation. Over the years, the company has taken progressive steps towards bettering their professional as well as personal lives, fostering a culture of knowledge management, providing equal opportunities for women and encouraging innovation.

In fact, some of the initiatives introduced by the company were not only the first of its kind in India, but also in many Western countries at that time. This tradition continues till date. Inthe company launched Shabash — a weekly scheme offering instant rewards and recognition to employees for exemplary behaviour.

The same year, the company celebrated 75 years of industrial harmony and mutual cooperation, coordination and understanding between the management and the union.

The employees in turn have reciprocated these measures with their unflinching loyalty. Generation after generation of employees have identified themselves with the cause of the company.

In fact, today, the 17,strong workforce pools in talent and trust to empower the company to seize the opportunities of tomorrow. A night school was started at Golmuri, in Jamshedpur, in to impart literacy to those who had to labour during the day.

InTata Steel established its first community development centre. Today there are nine such centres through which the destitute, widows, the unemployed and the youth are not only trained in various crafts but are also provided social assistance and recreational facilities.

Women who are in financial distress are taught sewing, embroidery, doll-making, and midwifery; unemployed youth are taught typing, plumbing, motor mechanics, carpentry and skills to repair refrigerators and air conditioners. The workers who helped the company run the hospital were mostly tribal people.

Today, with beds, 14 specialised departments and doctors, it is considered one of the finest hospitals in the country. Treatment is free for all Tata employees and their direct dependents TISCO has taken an active interest in promoting excellence in schools in Jamshedpur.

It has instituted the J. Irani Education Excellence Award with a hefty cash prize, to encourage all schools in the region to aspire to improve the quality of education.

In fact, the company assists tribal students at various stages of their academic careers. It runs balwadis creches and offers scholarships and sponsorships to reduce the dropout rate of tribal students.

Labour welfare in tata steel

Moreover, with a view to helping the tribal population preserve its rich heritage, the company has set up the Tribal Culture Centre, which showcases the legacy of four major and five minor tribes of Jharkhand and Orissa.

A Santhali language labouratory has been set up at the centre. The company has made full use of its knowledge and resources to help tribal people discover their potential in sports. Every year, Tata Steel identifies at least 12 potential athletes from the tribal communities and provides them training with financial assistance and accommodation.

These athletes are encouraged to participate in State, regional and national-level events. The Tata Archery Academy trains tribal people in the sport for which they have a flair.

It includes both the social and economic aspects of welfare. The social concept of welfare implies the welfare of man, his family and his community. All these three aspects are inter-related and work together. The economic aspect of welfare covers promotion of economic development by increasing production and productivity.

It is also related to the political situation in a State. Further it depends upon the kinds of problems with which society is confronted as well as on the structure of the industry. It is molded according to the age group, sex, socio-cultural background, marital status, economic status and educational level of the employees in various industries.Tata Steel has always prioritised employee welfare.

Click to read about the HR policies and practices that Tata Steel has incorporated in its belief system. Labour has warned there are just 16 weeks to save Tata Steel’s UK plants, despite the business secretary, Sajid Javid, claiming he has persuaded the company to keep them open until a buyer is.

Tata Steel Limited (formerly Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited (TISCO) is an Indian multinational steel-making company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and a .

Industrial Relations In Tata Steel: A Detailed Overview – Shubham From XLRI. Academics,MBA Alumni,MBA Aspirant,MBA Student. Throughout the history of the organisation, the industrial relations setup in Tata Steel has set many labour standards and precedents.

The structure, dynamics and orientation of IR in Tata Steel has witnessed drastic. The group has 28 listed enterprises and the top firms -- Tata Steel, Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Motors and Tata Tea -- have a combined market capitalisation that is the highest among Indian groups with a shareholder base of over 2 million.

Right from the time he launched Tata Steel, Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata gave paramount importance to workers’ welfare. His son Sir Dorab Tata later wrote, “The welfare of the labouring class must be one of the first cares of the employer.”.

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