My school essay for kids in tamil

A version of this post originally aired as a guest post I wrote for TheIdeaRoom. Of course, we all do! Every once in a while all of our children will tune us out.

My school essay for kids in tamil

A version of this post originally aired as a guest post I wrote for TheIdeaRoom. Of course, we all do! Every once in a while all of our children will tune us out.

My school essay for kids in tamil

When everything seems to be going in one ear and out the other, here are 6 tips for getting your words to stick. Don't start talking until you have your child's attention.

Get down on their level opposed to hovering above them, expect distractions to be turned off or paused, be sure you are making eye contact, and then talk. It is also okay to ask for their attention. Get to the point. As parents we tend to use too many words and explain too much when we are talking to our children.

All the extra words give our children time to tune us out. Keep it short, simple and to the point.

My school essay for kids in tamil

Don't repeat yourself The first thing most of us do when our children don't listen, is to repeat ourselves. And then repeat ourselves again, and again. Followed by telling our children we are tired of sounding like a broken record: Saying things over and over teaches our children they don't have to listen because they know we will say it again and they can listen another time.

Stop repeating yourself and just say things one time. If they don't listen the first time, make sure you had their attention to begin with. If you feel you had their attention and they still didn't listen, then let the consequences follow. This will take some practice for us, and for our children.

It is hard at first to not repeat ourselves. Put yourself in your child's shoes for a minute. Imagine if we were right in the middle of doing something important to us, or doing something we love. And all of a sudden someone came in and demanded that we immediately get up and do what they say.

How would we feel? We wouldn't want to listen, we would be frustrated and irritated! It isn't any different with our children. When a child is involved in something else, be considerate with the requests. Sure there will be times when we need immediate action, but for the most part, we can think ahead and cushion our requests.

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Think of it as warning them about what it coming up. It gives them time to finish up what they are doing and prepare for what is next.

Uphold consequences When children don't listen, we need to uphold the consequences. If we don't, then it sends our children the message that is is okay to ignore us because we won't follow through anyway. We can set general consequences that apply to not listening. Such as "If you don't listen the first time, you have to go to your room.

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