Outline the key features of law

According to information gathered by GGRAsia, one of the topics was anti-money laundering regulation and another the formulation of a criminal code for casino business. The latter would include circumstances for casino licence disqualification and any fines applicable for breaches of such a criminal code.

Outline the key features of law

It was announced on 23 May and came into action in 24th August It focuses on development of market which shall provide facilities that are prompt, secure and form the best international practice.

It brings about some new principles and key legislative changes. Below are few of its features and key changes: It can have two or more shareholders and may offer its shares to the public in accordance with the market's law of the relevant stock market.

Outline the key features of law

Within nine months from the date of incorporation of the PLC, a PLC must list its shares on a stock exchange, unless time frame is extended by the Registrar. The Regulations give the Registrar the authority to prescribe guidelines for the incorporation and operation of a civil company in the free zone in addition to the rules that are contained in the UAE Civil Transactions Law.

While now, with change under the Regulations, a company must only have a share capital that is sufficient for the activities for which it is licensed. This is conforming to the rules of UAE Commercial Companies Law which also requires a limited liability company to have capital that is sufficient for fulfilling its activities.

As for a PLC, it is required to have an amount of a share capital that is either sufficient for the activities permitted under its license or the amount of capital required under the relevant markets law.

An auditor's letter and a resolution are required to support this value of consideration.

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This auditor's letter must be filed with the Registrar within four days from the date of passing the resolution. This principle gives the business a flexibility as well as options for subscription of shares or increasing the share capital of a company.

A PLC may also have different classes of shares in accordance with its memorandum and articles of association. The free zone will issue the foreign company with a license and a continuation certificate once accepted.

The date of the incorporation that will be reflected in the continuation certificate is the date of incorporation of the foreign company in its jurisdiction.

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In addition to the above key changes, other changes include the recognition of electronic documents and signature giving an FZCO and PLC the right to purchase its own shares as treasury shares and prohibiting financial assistance to the directors of an FZCO and PLC.

However, implementation of some aspects of the Regulations needs to checked; especially the incorporation of a PLC and change of domicile of companies. The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter.

Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.Chapter Study Outline What Do Constitutions Accomplish? In societies governed by the rule of law, legal codes are applied to everyone in an unbiased manner.; Most societies governed by the rule of law base their government on a written constitution, which establishes the basic institutions of government.; Origins of the American Political System.

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Elements of a contract 2. Unique aspects of . The Australian Constitution has operated since the federation of the Australian colonies in It establishes the framework of the main political institutions – legislature, executive and judicature – the relationships between them, and the powers of the Federal Parliament in relation to the States.

The Constitution is technically an act of the British Parliament passed in Key Features of Common Law or Civil Law Systems Key Features of Common Law or Civil Law Systems Under Sources of Law we explained that some countries will apply greater weight to certain sources of law than others, and that some will put more emphasis on judicial decisions than others.

Outline the key features of law

The key point is that every form of government has to have some system to ensure that no one in the government has so much power that they can act above the law. Detailed Guide to the United States Code Content and Features (Office of the Law Revision Counsel) From Slip Law to United States Code: A Guide to Federal Statutes (CRS Report, , 14 p.) United States Code: Historical Outline and Explanatory Notes (, PDF - 6 p.).

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