Reasons for america s loss in vietnam

Summary of the Vietnam War: For this reason, in Vietnam today it is known as the American War.

Reasons for america s loss in vietnam

Recently I heard Muslims calling for America to pay the price for the massively indiscriminate killing of hundreds and thousands of people.

Reasons for america s loss in vietnam

So therefore, Nagasaki and Hiroshima make their strangely surprising entry on to this page. Although I could not say that I understand people bringing this up, for some it is a reason or justification of why they hate America.

Biological Weapons Also, the Bush administration have waived an agreement to allow Biological Weapons inspections of all countries, and not just certain Developing nations.

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No-one expected this refusal, and everyone was deeply shocked by the revelation that America itself is interested, or has, these kinds of weapons. That's the message that comes across.

The Middle East

America shows a disrespect for Global consensus on all fronts, frequently ignoring the UN and international agreements. America's lone, wanton wrecking of long-running negotiations to enforce the treaty banning biological or germ weapons is an insult to the pact's other signatories, a body-blow for the treaty itself and a major setback for international efforts to agree practical curbs on the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

By this action, the USA suggests that its national security interests, narrowly defined, and the commercial interests of its dominant biotechnology sector should take precedence over responsible global collaboration to meet a common threat. By rejecting the proposed inspection regime, it further, dangerously, suggests to others that the USA is not really worried about germ-warfare controls and wants to develop its own, advanced biological weapons.

This in turn could have a serious impact on continuing efforts to bolster the equally important chemical weapons convention. Since Tony Blair's government has been particularly active in promoting the BWC enforcement protocol, it may now be expected to be particularly active in condemning this latest piece of Bush vandalism.

The US move confirms a pattern of reckless, unilateralist behaviour on arms control, as on environmental and other issues. Since taking office, Mr Bush has spoken in grandiose terms of the need for "new thinking" and for a "new strategic framework".

But to date, this supposed post-cold war global security "vision" has largely amounted to trashing existing agreements without any clear idea of what to put in their place. Following the controversy caused by Washington's rejection of the Kyoto protocol and its decision to challenge the ABM treaty on missile defence, the move is likely to lead to a new diplomatic row with its allies in Europe and Asia.

At issue is a draft agreement being negotiated in Geneva to enforce the Biological Weapons Convention which bans the development, production and stockpiling of germ warfare agents.

The treaty has been ratified by more than countries, including the United States, but until now there has been no mechanism to enforce it.

After six years of negotiations, representatives from around the world are due to meet in Geneva today to finalise an agreement that would allow inspectors to visit sites which could be used in making biological weapons.

Washington has now made it clear that it is unacceptable in its present form and, despite the likely international backlash, America will reject the deal. Donald Mahley, the American representative to the talks, is expected to say today that the protocol is too weak to catch countries trying to conceal their germ warfare programmes, but strong enough to hurt American industry.

Supporters of the protocol insist that while it is not perfect, it is better than nothing.Angel's Truck Stop: A Woman's Love, Laughter, and Loss during the Vietnam War [Angel Pilato] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

How do you survive when everything you believed about the world is turned upside down? In , at the height of the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was a long, costly and divisive conflict that pitted the communist government of North Vietnam against South Vietnam and its principal ally, the United States.

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Capt. Alexander of Westwood, NJ, and Lt. Orlowski of Detroit, MI, died November 30, Alexander, stationed at the 85th Evac., and Orlowski, stationed at the 67th Evac.

in Qui Nhon, had been sent to a hospital in Pleiku to help out during a push. Why Are We in Vietnam? Over this war and all Asia is another reality: the deepening shadow of communist rulers in Hanoi are urged on by Peking.

This is a regime which has destroyed freedom in Tibet, which has attacked India and has been condemned by the United Nations for aggression in Korea. Rory Kennedy’s Oscar-nominated Vietnam Documentary Draws Fire from Journalists and her own On-Camera “Experts,” including CIA . Opposition to United States involvement in the Vietnam War began with demonstrations in against the escalating role of the U.S.

military in the Vietnam War and grew into a broad social movement over the ensuing several years. This movement informed and helped shape the vigorous and polarizing debate, primarily in the United States, during the second half of the s and early s .

Vietnam War Statistics and Facts