Remote viewing essay

The native Gael who is instructed in this poetry carries in his imagination not so much a landscape, not a sense of geography alone, nor of history alone, but a formal order of experience in which all these are merged. What is to a stranger an expanse of empty countryside… to the native sensibility can be a dynamic, perhaps even heroic, territory peopled with figures from history and legend. Distinct, however, from the subjective nature of place-sense, is another dimension: In his diary, Thoreau notes the muskrat nests in his village, which he is convinced have been erected since before the first human inhabitants, and will continue to be so long after the villagers have departed.

Remote viewing essay

The processes of open consideration and examination i. Concept As will be explained in greater detail below, remote viewing theory postulates a non-material "Matrix" in which any and all information about any person, place or thing may be obtained through the agency of a hypothesized "signal line.

A remote viewing session consists of both the interaction of a remote viewer with the signal line, and the interaction between the viewer and the monitor. The monitor and viewer are generally seated at opposite ends of a table.

Star Gate remote viewing examples

The viewer has a pen and plenty of paper in front of him. The monitor observes the viewer, and determines when the viewer is ready to begin when the viewer places his Remote viewing essay on the left side of the paper in preparation to record the coordinates.

The monitor then reads the coordinate, the viewer writes it, and the session proceeds from that point according to theory and methodology as discussed at length below. Something within which something else originates or takes form or develops. A place or point of origin or growth. Something that incites into action; an immediate cause or impulse.

Remote viewing essay

In radio propagation theory, the carrier wave that is received by the radio or radar receiving set. The hypothesized train of signals emanating from the Matrix discussed below and perceived by the remote viewer, which transports the information obtained through the remote viewing process.

A disturbance or variation that transfers itself and energy progressively from point to point in a medium or in space in such a way that each particle or element influences the adjacent ones and that may be in the form of an elastic deformation or of a variation of level or pressure, of electric or magnetic intensity, of electric potential, or of temperature.

An opening or open space; hole, gap, cleft, chasm, slit. In radar, the electronic gate that controls the width and dispersion pattern of the radiating signal or wave. A unified whole; a configuration, pattern, or organized field having specific properties that cannot be derived from the summation of its component parts.

The information conveyed on the signal line is "encoded," that is translated into an information system a code allowing data to be "transmitted" by the signal line.

Remote viewing essay

Upon receiving the signal, the viewer must "decode" this information through proper structure to make it accessible. This concept is very similar to radio propagation theory, in which the main carrier signal is modulated to convey the desired information.

The Matrix has been described as a huge, non-material, highly structured, mentally accessible "framework" of information containing all data pertaining to everything in both the physical and non-physical universe. It is this informational framework from which the data encoded on the signal line originates.

This Matrix can be envisioned as a vast, three dimensional geometric arrangement of dots, each dot representing a discrete information bit. Each geographic location on the earth has a corresponding segment of the Matrix corresponding exactly to the nature of the physical location.

When the viewer is prompted by the coordinate or other targeting methodology, he accesses the signal line for data derived from the Matrix. By successfully acquiring detecting this information from the signal line, then coherently decoding it through his conscious awareness and faculties, he makes it available for analysis and further exploitation by himself or others.

Remote viewing is made possible through the agency of a hypothetical "signal line. In this situation, we therefore speak of a "narrow" aperture, since only a very narrow portion of the signal line is allowed to access the consciousness.

In later stages involving longer, slower, more enduring waves, the aperture is spoken of as being "wider. Stage I is the first and most general of the six stages thus far identified. Each stage is a natural progression, building on the information obtained during the previous stage.

Levels of Consciousness Definitions: Existing in the mind but not immediately available to consciousness; affecting thought, feeling, and behavior without entering awareness. The mental activities just below the threshold of consciousness. Existing or functioning outside the area of conscious awareness; influencing thought, feeling, or behavior in a manner unperceived by personal or subjective consciousness; designed to influence the mind on levels other than that of conscious awareness and especially by presentation too brief to be consciously perceived.

The threshold of consciousness; the interface between the subconscious and conscious. At the limen; verging on consciousness.Example Remote viewing examples from the Remote Viewing programs.

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What Governs The Future? Artists Proof of Spirit Return It became clear to me early in life that unseen realms around us are real. I lived in a house with poltergeist activity in my high school years.
Remote Viewing Research Papers - A possible intrinsic target property. Journal of Parapsychology, 58,
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Well, this is what most people want to see more than anything is examples. Below we will list some of the Star Gate project training sessions from the remote viewers using mainly the Remote viewing techniques of CRV (Controlled Remote.

HOW TELEVISION CAME TO BOSTON-- THE FORGOTTEN STORY OF W1XAY by Donna L. Halper, PhD., Assistant Professor of Communication, Lesley University Cambridge, MA. The International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA), in partnership with IRIS-Psi & Applications (IRIS-PA), is pleased to announce the competition for an award for remote viewing research. The Warcollier Prize is a financial prize jointly created by the IRVA and IRIS-PA, presented to the winner of a judged competition for the best research. Targ himself was the monitor on many, if not most, of the Remote Viewing sessions conducted by SRI, making this a rare opportunity to experience something that has become central to the contemporary American mythos. With a quiet, serious demeanor, he clearly displays the long years spent as a physicist working on developing laser .

Remote Viewing An overly verbose, self-aggrandizing, bullshit attempt at a treatise on automated outsider art For the last few months, I’ve been running two semi-anonymous projects that use.

The questions below are from a variety of sources, and are recent IELTS essay questions from as reported either by recent test takers directly in the comments section on this page, or from an assortment of other sources across the web.

In this double blind Associative Remote Viewing Project, 41 moderate to highly experienced Remote Viewers were tasked with describing a feedback photo they would see at a future date.

The photo was to be associated with the winner of the U.S. Presidential Election. It seems that information gained when remote viewing sometimes arrives in a 'thought package' that when unraveled, is actually information in reverse order - or backwards.

For example, in one particular RV session, I imagined the Partridge Family bus, but I somehow knew that there was more.

Upon further consideration, I realized that it was the. "There is no God but reality. To seek him elsewhere is the action of the fall."-Mind, Body Spirit - look up author. Here's a selection of essay's I have written on quantum physics, psi, the nature of time, remote viewing and spirituality.

Controlled Remote Viewing Manual - CRV Theory