Setting the price of oxyglobin

The use of Oxyglobin has shown the following common side effects: Adverse events such as vomiting and melena dark color feces can also occur. Dogs with impaired cardiac function and other conditions that are prediposed to circulatory overload can have adverse events after Oxyglobin administration.

Setting the price of oxyglobin

Setting the price of oxyglobin

Hire Writer Welcoming markets? Set against this background, one needs to take a closer look into the situation that Biopure is facing at the moment. Having to swing between the veterinary and human market, the company has got to study both closely. In the case of the human market, blood donation is currently enabling operations and other procedures that require blood.

Clearly, this is not adequate for the number of trauma cases that occur in the United States alone in a single year? While Hemopure enjoys this position in the human blood market, the veterinary market seems as promising, if not more.

This is a clear indication of the opportunity that abounds in this field. The potential size of this market is seen in a second survey conducted on a group of veterinarians and dog owners. It was large, it was accepting and definitely, it was waiting for the product to release. To begin with, the problem of what goes before what arises in the case of Hemopure and Oxyglobin.

While some at Biopure Corporation are of the opinion that Oxyglobin should hit the market first, some others believe that it would be wiser for Hemopure to be the first to arrive. It could be perceived as a similar product and the high price would be severely debated, causing an unnecessary stir.

How to cite this page Choose cite format:Biopure Corp. in Cambridge, Mass., recently reported that it will ramp up its production of Oxyglobin, the only oxygen therapeutic to receive marketing clearance from the U.S.

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FDA and the European Commission for veterinary use. Biopure Corporation was a biopharmaceutical company that specialized in oxygen therapeutics (blood substitutes) for both human and veterinary use.

The company developed, manufactured, and marketed oxygen therapeutics, designed to transport oxygen to the body's tissues. For example, if comps show that your home is worth $,, setting that as your asking price can backfire — the reason is that buyers who are looking online for properties under $, won’t see your home in search results in that case.

What price and Why? To assess what price Oxyglobin should be set at, we must analyze the 4 C's. Firstly, in evaluating the company, we determine that the cost of production is $15 Million per year independent of volume, plus $ per unit variable cost.

The current capacity for Oxyglobin is . Therefore, launching Oxyglobin with a low price would create an unrealistic price expectation for Hemopure, so Biopure cannot optimally price Hemopure.

Oxyglobin Solution

This essay will discuss this challenge as well as the recommendations for confronting this challenge— launching time, and pricing. I recommend that Biopure introduce Oxyglobin to the veterinarian market as soon as they can with the price of $ to satisfy demand.

The expected demand will be treating 2,, dogs, parallel with the same amount of Oxyglobin units.

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