The crucible how is it relevant

Life And Time One of the first ways in which we learn to classify objects is into two groups:

The crucible how is it relevant

Opening scene to the entrance of John Proctor Summary The play is set in Salem, Massachusetts, ; the government is a theocracy—rule by God through religious officials.

Within the community, there are simmering disputes over land.

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Matters of boundaries and deeds are a source of constant, bitter disagreements. Ten-year-old Betty Parris lies in an unmoving, unresponsive state. Parris is a grim, stern man suffering from paranoia. He believes that the members of his congregation should not lift a finger during religious services without his permission.

Parris has sent for Reverend John Hale of Beverly, an expert on witchcraft, to determine whether Betty is indeed bewitched. Parris berates his niece, Abigail Williams, because he discovered her, Betty, and several other girls dancing in the forest in the middle of the night with his slave, Tituba.

Tituba was intoning unintelligible words and waving her arms over a fire, and Parris thought he spotted someone running naked through the trees. Abigail denies that she and the girls engaged in witchcraft.

The Crucible by Arthur Miller

She states that Betty merely fainted from shock when her father caught them dancing. Parris fears that his enemies will use the scandal to drive him out of his ministerial office. He asks Abigail if her name and reputation are truly unimpeachable. Elizabeth Proctor, a local woman who once employed Abigail at her home but subsequently fired her, has stopped attending church regularly.

There are rumors that Elizabeth does not want to sit so close to a soiled woman. Abigail denies any wrongdoing and asserts that Elizabeth hates her because she would not work like a slave. Parris asks why no other family has hired Abigail if Elizabeth is a liar. Abigail insinuates that Parris is only worried about her employment status because he begrudges her upkeep.

Thomas Putnam and his wife enter the room.

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Putnam had seven babies that each died within a day of its birth. Convinced that someone used witchcraft to murder them, she sent Ruth to Tituba to contact the spirits of her dead children in order to discover the identity of the murderer. Parris berates Abigail anew and asserts that she and the girls were indeed practicing witchcraft.

Putnam urges Parris to head off his enemies and promptly announce that he has discovered witchcraft. Once they are alone, Abigail updates Mercy on the current situation.

Mary Warren, the servant for the Proctor household, enters the room in a breathless, nervous state. She frets that they will all be labeled witches before long.

Betty sits up suddenly and cries for her mother, but her mother is dead and buried. She threatens to kill them if they breathe a word about the other things that they did. She shakes Betty, but Betty has returned to her unmoving, unresponsive state.The Crucible has , ratings and 6, reviews.

Deborah said: I hate to rate this so low when it seems that the only people who do so are those force. Feb 14,  · In this sense, The Crucible is not as relevant, but when it comes to American society, there is a very real bigotry towards Muslims similar to the kind described in the play.

The crucible how is it relevant

Essentially, although the story is not exactly the same, it is still applicable and relevant today. Chinese referee Peggy Li made her Crucible debut at this year’s Betfred World Championship, refereeing two games.

She oversaw Ricky Walden’s victory over Luca Brecel and Kyren Wilson’s defeat of Matthew Stevens. Li found out she was going to be a referee at the Crucible at the start of this.

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The whole structure of Western society may well be unfitted for the effort that the conquest of space demands. No nation can afford to divert its ablest men into such essentially non-creative, and occasionally parasitic, occupations as . These are many of the still-relevant themes that Arthur Miller explored in The Crucible In today’s technologically-dependent society, many of these issues have been complicated by the omnipresence of the World Wide Web.


The Crucible Is Still Relevant Today Words Mar 27th, 8 Pages “The Crucible,” a play by Arthur Miller later turned into a major Hollywood movie, explores the politics of fear, social norms, and the fight to recapture a man’s moral compass.

SparkNotes: The Crucible: Act I: Opening scene to the entrance of John Proctor