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She has a B. She is also the nonfiction-editor and editor-in-chief of 5x5 Literary Magazine. She has taught creative writing at Central Washington University for over a decade, where she is currently the chair of the English Department, and coordinator of the Professional and Creative Writing MA Program.

University essay writers contest

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She signed me in September and we sold Falling Under in December. You really do provide a great service for all of us frustrated and frightened aspiring writers. The blog contains invaluable information about specific agencies, the process of querying agents, and what to expect when working with an agent.

She responded to my query the next day.

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It was an invaluable resource when I started querying! I read and reread so many of the interviews and articles during my agent search. It is an amazing resource, and I often recommend it to other writers.

The posts were encouraging and informative as I searched for my agent [Melissa Jeglinski of the Knight Agency], and the blog helped me build my knowledge of the publishing world.

It can be done, it can be done. And sometimes, a little bit of hope can go a very long way. My query was ready to go, and after some helpful and informative discussions, Jeff signed me late last year.

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I did, which is how I found the agent who landed me a two-book deal. What a fantastic resource you offer to writers. It was a huge help to me, so thanks very much! Keep up the great work! Thanks to you, I now have a two-book deal!Prompt: Write a short story, of words or fewer, based on this prompt: When a man takes lunch to his wife’s office, he’s told that she hasn’t worked there in weeks.

Once again, you’ve made the Your Story competition a success! Thanks to everyone who participated in competition #77 (either by entering, reading or voting). Essay writing contest results place goes to Mary Bush and her incredible essay “Was the Harry Potter phenomenon warranted by quality of storytelling?” prize goes to Mitchel West for his essay “Culture conflict in globalization: Strategies for successfully establishing a presence in a .

Carson McCullers Center for Writers and Musicians. Dedicated to preserving the legacy of Carson McCullers; nurturing writers and musicians, educating young people; and fostering literary, musical, artistic, and intellectual culture in the United States and abroad.

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university essay writers contest

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