Will the kindle revolutionize the book industry

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Will the kindle revolutionize the book industry

Email this Article Amazon today unveiled its much-anticipated e-book reader device, thus heading deep into a market that is still looking for momentum.

The e-commerce giant is betting that the simplicity of the Kindle and its wireless capabilities will help it succeed in the fledgling e-book industry where other reading devices have historically fallen short of expectations. Amazon is promoting the Kindle device as the first of its kind that successfully simulates the experience of reading a book in print.

The six-inch screen has no backlight, and it displays ink particles with an electronic paper technology designed to overcome the glare and eye strain that users complain about with conventional electronic screens.

Amazon has also forged partnerships with all the major publishers to make a large repository of titles available for rapid download, Tritschler said, addressing what he cites as the other principal shortcoming of previous devices.

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From Amazon's Kindle Store, users can shop from more than 90, titles, which will download in less than a minute using Whispernet, the Kindle's built-in wireless delivery system. Tritschler would not comment on Amazon's talks with other wireless carriers.

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Whispernet delivers magazines, newspapers and blogs to subscribers automatically, and Tritschler said that Amazon will continue looking to add new content to the service.

Another avenue through which Amazon is courting content for the Kindle is the digital text platform, where users can make their own content available for download on Amazon's site, Tritschler said.

It is like a form self-publishing, where a writer can upload content to Amazon's site and then name a price for purchase by Kindle users. Tritschler declined to explain how revenue would be shared through the digital text platform.

Amazon's Kindle has been under development for three years.

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But, he added, Amazon is running into the same obstacle that has muted the impact of previous e-book devices: The Kindle is trying to revolutionize an industry whose core consumers aren't eager to see change.

It is the consumption that matters most when it comes to books.Feb 13,  · Faced with stiff competition from online book retailers like Amazon, plus the proliferation of e-books designed for devices like the Amazon Kindle and Apple’s iPad, Borders faces bankruptcy.

For starters, many industry watchers think Kindle can spur e-book sales by lowering the price of e-books well below the typical $10 price for an e-book download.

Will the kindle revolutionize the book industry

Topic 1 Marketing Plan AMAZON KINDLE PSPR by Karen Bergh for Prof. Nina Bronk Kellner August 5, Topic 2 Amazon Kindle ―The book is so highly evolved that it disappears when you’re reading - all that remains is the author’s world.

As usual, each book listed here has gone FREE within the past 24 hours (except for the “Bargain Books” at the bottom of this page).

Warning: Kindle book promotions can end without notice, so before downloading, click the link “See Kindle price at Amazon” to verify that the book is still free. I believe that Kindle will change the book industry but not actually revolutionize the book industry because there are always people who prefer hard copies of books.

Will the kindle revolutionize the book industry

Kindles are a new way for people to read their books, textbooks, and magazine%(42). The winning CFOs in the next decade will be the ones who get the basics right, who prioritise their efforts, and who invest in the leadership development that creates the institutional capacity to achieve and sustain leading industry performance.

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